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Journal Article


Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 32, Number 4, p.1278 - 1284 (2007)



A method of parameter estimation of a time delay chaotic system through synchronization is discussed. It is assumed that the observed data can always be effected with some white Gaussian noise. A least square approach is used to derive a system of differential equations which governs the temporal evolution of the parameters. These system of equations together with the coupled delay dynamical systems, when integrated, leads to asymptotic convergence to the value of the parameter along with synchronization of the two system variables. This method is quite effective for estimating the delay time which is an important characteristic feature of a delay dynamical system. The procedure is quite robust in the presence of noise.

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Dr. Biswambhar Rakshit, A. Chowdhury, R., and Saha, P., “Parameter estimation of a delay dynamical system using synchronization in presence of noise”, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, vol. 32, pp. 1278 - 1284, 2007.