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Conference Paper


ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, Association for Computing Machinery (2014)





Customer behaviour, Electronic commerce, Grocery, India, Internet, Logistic regressions, Online shopping, Sales


<p>India has a large and growing population using internet services for various needs. In the early stage of development IRCTC has created a huge mass of Indian population dependent on internet for online booking of railway ticket. In recent times, there has been manifold increase in exposure and usage of internet to connect Customers to online buying portal for buying various other things. Although the online market in India is at early stage it is expected to grow fast. Due to technology advancement, access to internet, increase in exposure and income, shopping via internet has been showing signs of growth. These technological advancement lead to better lives and have provided a platform to shop grocery items online. Looking at this niche segment and potential of upcoming vibrant market, it would be interesting to understand Customer perception on such services. This trend requires different insight to understand and analyze how online shopping is considerably different from store-based shopping. Marketers have huge opportunity to explore this field as Customers are buying &amp; spending more time online as compare to old times. Today, online shoppers have high expectation as they have from any other store - based retailers. To grab this opportunity retailers are using various strategies to attract Customers to shop online. This paper seeks to understand the patterns of online grocery shopping in India; and explores the factors &amp; trends influencing the online grocery shopping. Our research study focuses to identify various patterns of buying grocery online and factors affecting the process of buying. Worldwide there are studies conducted on online grocery shopping, however we found that very limited studies are highlighting on Indian online grocery market. Therefore our study would help exploring this new dimension of online grocery shopping. Copyright 2014 ACM.</p>

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P. Sharma, Nair, V., and Dr. Amalendu Jyotishi, “Patterns of online grocery shopping in India: An empirical study”, in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2014.