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Journal Article


Indian Veterinary Journal, Volume 96, Issue 7 (2019)


Dairy farming witnessed a paradigm shift from being a major occupation to subsidiary occupation of farmers in Kerala mainly due to consideration it as a non-economic activity. Farmers were interviewed during the month of November to December 2018 from Kottayam district, as part of the main research. Results showed high price for veterinary medicines (72 %) and cattle feed (94 %), inadequate price offered by the dairy co-operative society (69%) and poor quality of animals (68%) were the major constraints reported by the respondents. Each society should have their own cattle feed manufacturing units, implementation of minimum support price for milk etc are suggested.

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Elsa Elizabeth Jacob and Ambily A. S., “Perceived constraints of farmers in dairy farming in Kottayam district of Kerala”, Indian Veterinary Journal, vol. 96, no. 7, 2019.