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International Journal of Nursing Education, Prof.(Dr) RK Sharma, Volume 8, Number 1, p.185–190 (2016)


FPS-Flexible Parenting Style, LPS-Liberal Parenting Style, NPS-Neglectful Parenting Style, PS-Parenting Style., SE-Self-Esteem, SPS-Strict Parenting Style


The beginning of the early adolescence period is the most difficult and critical period of development for both adolescents and their parents. Every reactions parents express consciously or unconsciously is absorbed by children and influences their self-concept. Aim-To assess the perceived impact of parenting style on self-esteem among early adolescents at selected schools, Ernakulam".

Correlation study design, among 200 early adolescents between (11–14 years), using non-probability convenience sampling technique and the data was collected Tool 1 Rosenberg's Self Esteem(SE) Scale, Tool-2 Parenting Style (PS) questionnaire developed by the researchers on the basis of standardised tool by John Buri.

Nearly half of 97 (48.5%) subjects reported with high level of SE in Flexible Parenting Style(FPS). FPS was the predominant PS in maternal and paternal parenting, followed by Strict Parenting Style (SPS), Liberal Parenting Style (LPS) and Neglectful Parenting Style (NPS). Positive correlation was found between maternal FPS (r=0.441) and paternal FPS (r=0.526) and SE among early adolescents. There was no correlation between SPS and LPS (maternal and paternal) and SE among early adolescents. A negative correlation was found between maternal NPS (r=-0.360) and paternal NPS (r=-0.336) and SE among early adolescents. A significant association was found between SE of early adolescents and selected demographic variables-gender, area of residence, education of father and monthly income of the family (p-value <0.05). Conclusion-Positive parenting style are believed to produce excellent qualities and attitudes in children, such as higher levels of self-esteem, responsibility, motivation for goal achievement and friendliness.

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Chitra P. and Sukumaran, A., “Perceived Impact of Parenting Style on Self-Esteem among Early Adolescents at Selected Schools, Ernakulam”, International Journal of Nursing Education, vol. 8, pp. 185–190, 2016.