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Conference Paper


Power Electronics (IICPE), 2012 IEEE 5th India International Conference on, IEEE, Delhi (2012)





This paper presents a comparative study of the ZCS-QRC fed Dc servo drive at various switching frequencies such as 100kHz, 50kHz and 10kHz. The significant characteristic of QRC is that the switching devices can be either switched on at zero voltage or switched off at zero current, so that switching losses, stresses are low and volume is reduced moreover power density is high. These features increase the efficiency of the converters. The regulation of QRC is achieved by varying the switching frequency of the converter. Hence, called Frequency modulated Zero current switching quasi resonant converter. This paper reports the simulation and hardware implementation of DC Servo motor fed from ZCS-QRC in half wave and full wave modes.


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Dr. K. Deepa and M Kumar, V., “Performance analysis of a DC motor fed from ZCS-quasi-resonant converters”, in Power Electronics (IICPE), 2012 IEEE 5th India International Conference on, Delhi, 2012.