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Journal Article


Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, Volume 11, p.246-257 (2017)


This paper aims to describe about isolated inverter connected with an interleaved fly-back converting topology working in DCM mode where the input is given as PV source. Though Now-a-days the inverter used for photovoltaic purposes is simple and has an advantage of low-cost, it is available as micro inverter at a much lower power rating. Hence the main intention of this study is designing the fly-back converter at higher power applications other than as micro inverter. To analyse this a PV system rated at 2KW with MPPT technique is connected to a three interleaving fly-back cells and an inverter given to a load(R). MATLAB Software is used to develop the simulation model of the proposed system. After designing the Simulink model, verification and optimisation is done for better simulation results. A voltage of 315V (Vpeak) and Total Harmonic distortions of 2.98% is achieved. There upon, on the basis of experimental results the converter and its system design perform successfully and competes with already existing system specifications

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V. S. Kirthika Devi, Sabareesh, S., and reddy, R. R. Bharath, “Performance Analysis of An Interleaved Fly-back (DC-DC) Converter using Incremental conductance algorithm for PV Source”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, vol. 11, pp. 246-257, 2017.