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Journal Article


International journal of control theory and application, Volume 9, p.225-231 (2016)


In this network-based computing era,software applications are playing a major role. With this role,the cryptography of these algorithm is also of a much concern. Cryptographic algorithms are complex and can consume lot of time and hence, it can benefit from parallelism. But parallelism is not that simple, as sometimes it is not possible to convert the whole algorithm into a parallel one. So in this paper we are proposing a modified RC4 algorithm which can be made fully parallel. This modified algorithm is compared with other cryptographic algorithms i.e., AES, DES and RSA for its speed and time complexity.This algorithm is also implemented in Cuda, MPI and OpenMP and the results are compared.

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Bhargavi R. Upadhyay, Jayan, A. Nair Anand, and Dr. Supriya M., “Performance Analysis of Modified RC4 Cryptographic Algorithm using number of cores in Parallel Execution”, International journal of control theory and application, vol. 9, pp. 225-231, 2016.