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Journal Article


Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , Volume 13, p.1757-1766 (2018)


This study presents a closed loop "Synchronous Reference Frame" (SRF) control method using seven level cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter for a single phase grid connected photovoltaic system. The proposed control scheme is obtained in order to inject quality current to the grid connected system. This method can generate the sinusoidal current which reduces the total harmonic distortion. The control strategy allows independent control of each DC-link voltage. In addition, it tracks the maximum power point of PV strings. The simulation results for seven level CHB-MLI for 555 W/230 V/50 Hz is presented to validate the proposed control scheme. Simulation is done using MATLAB Simulink platform.

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R. O.C, V. S. Kirthika Devi, and .G.Srivani, S., “Performance Analysis of Single Phase Closed Loop System for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Using Renewable Source”, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , vol. 13, 7 vol., pp. 1757-1766, 2018.