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Journal Article


Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 13, Number 1, p.14-21 (2013)



An augmented use of non-linear loads results in generation of harmonics, which is difficult to estimate in electric power systems. Using, Independent Component Analysis (ICA) methods like fastICA (FICA)the harmonic currents can be estimated without the knowledge of the topology of the system, particularly when the probability distribution of majority of the harmonic sources is non-gaussian. A typical scenario with all the harmonic sources close to Gaussian is considered and hence efficient variant fastICA (EFICA) algorithm is attempted in the paper. A harmonic state estimation using ICA is implemented on an IEEE 14 bus system and on a laboratory three bus model. A performance evaluation between the two methods of ICA for harmonic current estimation is done in the form of recording and evaluating the infinitesimal error that exists between the actual and estimated harmonic currents for the two interconnected bus systems. The graphical results
of both the systems for the two methods also point to the superior performance of EFICA algorithm.

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P. Supriya and Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha, “Performance evaluation of harmonic current estimation using independent component analysis”, Journal of Electrical Engineering, vol. 13, pp. 14-21, 2013.