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Conference Paper


International Conference onPower and Energy Systems (ICPS), 2011 , IEEE, Chennai (2011)

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Active filters, Detuning, digital signal processing chips, digital signal processor TMS320F2812, Dynamic response, Harmonic analysis, harmonic detection, Harmonic reduction, Hybrid filter, Inductance, Inverters, MATLAB-Simulink simulation, Modified synchronous reference frame, Nonlinear load, passive filter, passive filters, PLL free, PLL free scheme, positive inductance, Power harmonic filters, power system reliability, Pulse width modulation, rectifying circuits, selective harmonic compensation, SHAF reliability, shunt hybrid active filter reliability, uncontrolled rectifier type


Present work aims to improve the dynamic response and reliability of Shunt Hybrid Active Filter (SHAF) configuration using improved methods of harmonic detection. A method of introduction of only “positive inductance” through an active filter for mistuned conditions of the passive filter has been presented. “PLL free” scheme of harmonic detection for an uncontrolled rectifier type of non linear load has been studied. Intense simulation studies are carried out using MATLAB/Simulink to validate the functioning of the developed techniques under all conditions of operation. Experimental implementation of the proposed strategy using Digital Signal Processor TMS320F2812 processor is also presented.

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J. K. Chatterjee, Shankar Subramanian, Bharat, D., and Das, S., “Performance improvement in selective harmonic compensation of Shunt Hybrid Active Filter”, in International Conference onPower and Energy Systems (ICPS), 2011 , Chennai, 2011.