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Journal Article


Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry, ajrc, Raipur, Volume 3, Number 2, p.472–476 (2010)


The performance of five essential oils has been used to study the corrosion prevention of copper by weight loss and electrochemical polarization methods. Results showed that the inhibition efficiency depends upon the concentration of inhibitors as well as that of acid. The essential oils reduce the corrosion of copper in HCl environment more effectively in 4% concentration. This is due to adsorption of inhibitor molecules on metal surface, which is proved by Tempkin adsorption isotherm. The electrochemical polarization result revealed that inhibitors are of mixed type in nature.

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N. Poongothai, Ramachanderen, T., Natesan, M., and Murugavel, S. C., “The Performance of VCI Coated Paper for Corrosion Prevention of Copper in HCl Environment”, Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry, vol. 3, pp. 472–476, 2010.