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Indian Heart Journal, Volume 65, Number 5, p.611-613 (2013)



Unconventional sites are being used for pacing in patients with inaccessible right ventricle like single ventricle, atresia of tricuspid valve and in anomalous venous drainage. Here we report a case in which the right ventricle could not be accessed due to the metallic prosthesis. A 41-year-old lady required triple valve replacement for rheumatic involvement. Permanent pacemaker implantation was done with epicardial lead for bradycardia post operatively. Pulse generator change was needed within 3 years as the pacemaker reached end of life due to high lead threshold. Subsequent pacemaker implantation was done with a left ventricular lead in coronary sinus by percutaneous approach. One year after implantation, the threshold remains stable. Coronary sinus can be utilized for permanent pacing in patients with inaccessible right ventricle due to prosthetic tricuspid valve. © 2013, Cardiological Society of India. All rights reserved.


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M. Vijayakumar, Kamath, P., and Pai, P. G., “Permanent pacing in a patient with tricuspid prosthesis e Widening therapeutic use of coronary sinus”, Indian Heart Journal, vol. 65, pp. 611-613, 2013.