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International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, IAEME Publication, Volume 8, Number 6, p.759-767 (2017)



<p>This article deals with the photogrammetric processing of historical data i.e. KH- 9 Hexagon images. KH-9 was a series of photo reconnaissance satellites used for mapping purposes during 1970-1989 by CI (Central Intelligence) over USSR and its neighboring countries. It has been declassified for public use in year 2000. In this article, an attempt is made to restore geometry of photography and photogrammetrically process the data for generating planimetrically correct images. KH-9 Hexagon imagery doesn't have any sensor information and numerous inherent distortions are involved while processing. In order to make use of this historical declassified data, for studying the temporal variations happened in the north east region during 30 to 40 years, photogrammetric processing is must. In this study, sixteen KH-9 Hexagon images covering North East region of India are processed. Space Resection is developed to derive the approximate orientation parameters from corner coordinates of image and some approximate assumptions about the camera from literature. Block of images covering North East region have been adjusted using controls from Bhuvan and SRTM DEM. self calibration has been done by observing more control points and brown additional parameters algorithm. Photogrammetric data has been validated by generating ortho images. ERDAS IMAGINE has been used for adjustment. Thus, it is used for several applications such as Change Detection, Environmental Monitoring in North East region. © IAEME Publication.</p>


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S. V. Samhitha, Krishnan, S. M., Reddy, P. S. V., and Dr. Geetha Srikanth, “Photogrammetric processing of historical declassified data in north east region of India”, International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, vol. 8, pp. 759-767, 2017.