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ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, American Chemical Society, Volume 2, Number 12, p.2772-2780 (2014)



Crystallinities, Dye-sensitized solar cells, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Internal surface area, light scattering, Nanostructured materials, Photoanode materials, Photovoltaic property, Power conversion efficiencies, Scattering property, Solar cells, Surface area measurement, TiO, Titanium compounds


We have synthesized 3-D flower-like mesostructured TiO2 from one-dimensional electrospun TiO2-SiO2 nanocomposites through a modified titanate route for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) application. The TiO2 3-D mesoflowers with commendable internal surface area, crystallinity, and a good light scattering property satisfy the prerequisites of a DSC photoanode material. The starting TiO2-SiO2 composite, intermediate titanate, and final 3- D mesoflowered TiO2 were characterized by spectroscopy, microscopy, and surface area measurements. A DSC employing 3-D mesoflowered TiO2 as the photoanode showed a power conversion efficiency of 8.3% which was 23% higher than that of commercial P-25 (6.37%). © 2014 American Chemical Society.


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T. G. Deepak, Subash, D., Anjusree, G. S., Pai, K. R. Narendra, Nair, S. V., and Nair, A. S., “Photovoltaic property of anatase TiO2 3-D mesoflowers”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, vol. 2, pp. 2772-2780, 2014.