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Journal Article


International Journal of Current Innovation Research , Volume 4, Issue 3(A), p.1116-1119 (2018)



Ayurveda, garbha, physiology, Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a magical phase in women's life. Women take measures to remain healthy and well-nourished as the growing foetus depends entirely on its mother’s body. The internal system of the maternal body has to undergo certain changes to create ample conditions for the favourable growth of the foetus. As a result, certain physiological changes take place in pregnant lady which are mentioned in Ayurvedic classics under sadyogruheeta garbhalakshana and vyaktha garbha lakshanas. This physiological change during pregnancy favours the growth of the foetus in the uterus. The symptoms during pregnancy may be either physiological or due to some underlying pathology. So it becomes the responsibility of the physician to carefully distinguish the two.

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A. Krishnan, Anjaly M V, and Hemavathi SK, “Physiological changes in Pregnancy – An Ayurvedic perspective”, International Journal of Current Innovation Research , vol. 4, no. 3(A), pp. 1116-1119, 2018.