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International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 4, Number SUPPL.1, p.232-234 (2012)



albendazole, alkaloid derivative, anthelmintic activity, article, concentration response, controlled study, death, earthworm, flavonoid, Imperata cylindrica, Imperata cylindrica extract, methanol, nonhuman, paralysis, phytochemistry, phytosterol, plant extract, plant glycoside, Poaceae, saponin derivative, tannin derivative, unclassified drug


The study aimed to investigate potential in vitro anthelmintic activity of methanolic extract of roots of Imperata cylindrica (Poaceae) against Indian earthworms Pheretima posthuma. Various concentrations (10-80 mg/50ml) of the extract were tested, which involved determination of time of paralysis and time of death of the worms. The methanolic extract exhibited a maximum anthelmintic activity (p<0.01) comparable to standard drug albendazole (1000 mg/50ml). The extract showed anthelmintic activity in dose dependant manner giving shortest time of paralysis (P) and death (D) with 80mg/ml concentration and caused paralysis in 3.3 min and death in 6.0 min. The Preliminary phytochemical analysis indicated the presence of various phytoconstituents in the extract of which tannins and saponins might have contributed for the potent anthelmintic activity.


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N. G. Parvathy, Padma, R., Renjith, V., Rahate, K. P., and Saranya, T. S., “Phytochemical screening and anthelmintic activity of methanolic extract of Imperata cylindrica”, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 4, pp. 232-234, 2012.