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Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res (2014)



Quercus infectoria oliv is an important medicinal plant of family Fagaceae comprises of galls called Oak galls. This is one of the traditionally used plant in Asian countries in the treatment of mouth ulcers, sores, and fungal infections. It is used as astringent, in anti-diarrhea preparations, ulcerative colitis and its dry extract is used as analgesic, hyperglycemic and has sedative hypnotic efficacy. The present study was aimed to carry out the phytochemical screening, antibacterial activity and formulation development
of aqueous extract of the galls of Quercus infectoria oliv. The present study involved the collection, authentification, organoleptic, physicochemical, and gravimetric evaluation, soxhlet extraction of dried powdered galls of Quercus infectoria oliv using distilled water, preliminary phytochemical screening, determination of MIC and antibacterial activity of the aqueous extract by agar well diffusion assay followed by formulation of an antibacterial gel and its antibacterial evaluation. The major constituent of the galls are gallotannic acids and carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, saponins, phenolic compounds and tannins were found in small amounts. Aqueous extract of Quercus infectoria oliv and the formulated gel showed significant antibacterial activity against Psedomonas aeruginosa spp. It was found that the galls are rich in tannins which mainly contribute the antibacterial property. The aqueous extract of Quercus infectoria oliv and the formulated gel have significant antibacterial activity. The gel was found to be non
irritant to skin on application

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