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Journal Article


International Journal of Applied Ayurveda Research – IJAAR (2013)



Agnikarma, Avabahuka., Wax bath therapy


Frozen shoulder, also known as Periarthritis or Adhesive capsulitis causes a significant loss of motion this typically occurs in cycle of 3 stages, painful phase, stiff phase and thawing phase. In textual references of Ayurveda Frozen Shoulder is closely related to Avabahuka. In this condition, Vata is localized in the shoulder region, getting aggravated, dries up the bindings (liga- ments) of the shoulders, constricts the siras present there and causes Avabahuka. Modern medi- cial science plays very less role in the management of Frozen Shoulder. In Ayurveda various para-surgical procedures were mentioned for diseases of Vata and Kapha, in which Agni karma is one amongst them, that has been recommended in various musculoskeletal disorders. Hence a study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Agnikarma in Avabahuka. In this study mixture of Ghrita, Madhu and Guda were used for Agnikarma. It Ushan, Sukshma, Ashukari guna probably pacifies vitiated vata kapha dosha. In this clinical research 30 patients were ran- domly selected and divided into two groups i.e. trial and control group, treated with Agnikarma and Wax bath therapy respectively. Comparativel y more relief found in trial group.

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Tripathy Rabinarayan, Otta, S. P., and Tyagi, M., “A Pilot Study of Agni karma on Frozen Shoulder (Avabahuka)”, International Journal of Applied Ayurveda Research – IJAAR, 2013.