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Journal Article


Electronics Letters, Volume 49, Number 10, p.666-667 (2013)



Band pass, Dynamic range, Electronics engineering, Error feedback, First-order, Pipelined ADCs, Proposed architectures, Technology


A high-speed, large dynamic range fS/4 bandpass ΔΣ-modulator using a first-order error-feedback loop is proposed. The internal quantiser is realised using a high-speed pipelined ADC. Error feedback is achieved by exploiting the implicit latency in a pipelined ADC. The proposed architecture achieves an SNR of 94 dB with an OSR of 32. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2013.


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V. Sarma and Sahoo, B., “Pipelined ADC based design of bandpass ΔΣ-ADC”, Electronics Letters, vol. 49, pp. 666-667, 2013.