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Advances in Polymer Science, Volume 244, Number 1, p.1-18 (2011)





Polymeric bionanocomposites (PBNCs) have established themselves as a promising class of hybrid materials derived from natural and synthetic biodegradable polymers and organic/inorganic fillers. A critical factor underlying biomedical nanocomposite properties is the interaction between the chosen matrix and the filler. This chapter discusses current efforts and key research challenges in the development of these composite materials for use in potential drug delivery applications. PBNCs discussed here include layered PBNCs, quantum-dot-loaded PBNCs, clay-dispersed PBNCs, carbon-nanotube-loaded PBNCs, core-shell PBNCs, hydrogel-based PBNCs, and magnetic PBNCs. We conclude that PBNCs are promising materials for drug delivery applications.


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M. Prabaharan and Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, “Polymeric Bionanocomposites as Promising Materials for Controlled Drug Delivery”, Advances in Polymer Science, vol. 244, pp. 1-18, 2011.