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Journal Article


International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology (IJCSET), Volume 1, Issue 5, p.234-237 (2011)



Booth multiplier, modified booth multiplier, one level recursive architecture, Power analysis, Reconfiguration


DSP applications are rich in multiplication operations. Hence there is a growing need in improving the efficiency of multipliers. To improve the performance of
multipliers, reconfiguration is introduced. In this paper, reconfiguration is introduced in the form of one level recursive architecture to the existing modified booth multiplier (MBM). It provides reconfigurable modes that satisfy multiple precision requirements. Power consumption of the multipliers can be reduced with the introduction of power efficient schemes namely Dynamic Operand Interchange and Spurious Power Suppression Technique to the reconfigurable booth architecture.

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S. S. Sakthi and Kayalvizhi, N. M. N., “Power Aware Reconfigurable Multiplier for DSP Applications”, International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology (IJCSET), vol. 1, no. 5, pp. 234-237 , 2011.