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Journal Article


Procedia Engineering, Volume 38, p.2657 - 2662 (2012)



Pressure rise


The base of this paper is to find the pressure distribution over the compressor blades through a cascade, which is useful to measure the flow properties of the compressor in an actual axial compressor. The static pressure distribution is obtained from the static pressure holes around the central blade which equipped with the manometers. Plot the graph between the pressure distribution and the spacing between the leading edge to the static holes. And we have to predict the Mach number doing the same procedure to get the results. After that experimental result, we have to analyze the whole experimental cascade series of blade by using software. A result from the software is compared with the experimental measurements. We have to predict the Mach number and change the pitch of the blades and the blade angle do the same procedure as mentioned before and take different plots to analyze in which parameters the compressor blades are got the optimum pressure rise.

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K. Sathiyalingam, Renald, C. J. Thomas, Manikandan, R., Sivakumar, R., T. Kumar, A., Shanavas, S., and V. Satheeshkumar, “Prediction and Measurement of Pressure Distribution Over a Compressor Blade Through A Cascade Studies”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 38, pp. 2657 - 2662, 2012.