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Journal Article


Wind Eng, Volume 21, Number 2, p.73–88 (1997)


The capacity factor (CF) of a wind electric generator (WEG) at a site has been computed based on the Weibull parameters of the wind regime as well as the machine characteristics. Every wind regime suggests an optimal wind speed rating of the WEG to produce the maximum energy on an annual basis. However, the selection of a WEG size suitable for a site should be based on the economically optimal wind speed rating which will produce energy at the minimum cost. The paper presents these estimates for selected Indian sites and also discusses the factors that influence these ratings.

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Dr. Sasi K. K. and Basu, S., “On the prediction of capacity factor and selection of size of wind electric generators- a study based on Indian sites”, Wind Eng, vol. 21, pp. 73–88, 1997.