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Journal of Indian Prosthodontist Society, Volume 13, Number 1, p.52-55 (2013)



<p>Microstomia has been defined as an abnormally small oral orifice associated with various etiopathologic factors. Management of these patients poses extreme difficulties in every procedure during prosthesis fabrication. Restricted mouth opening of the patient makes the insertion and the removal of the tray extremely difficult. So sectioning of the existing stock tray is necessary, so that the trays can be inserted and removed in sections. The main problem encountered during this procedure is the reorientation of the tray back in position. This article presents an innovative technique for the easy handling of the sectioned stock impression trays. © 2012 Indian Prosthodontic Society.</p>


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A. Kumar, Bhat, Vb, Nandini, V. Vc, and Nair, KdChandrasek, “Preliminary impressions in microstomia patients: An innovative technique”, Journal of Indian Prosthodontist Society, vol. 13, pp. 52-55, 2013.