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Cancer Letters, Volume 48, Number 3, p.223-227 (1989)



animal, animal cell, animal experiment, Animalia, Antineoplastic Agents, article, ascites fluid, Ascitic Fluid, Cytology, drug, drug receptor, ehrlich ascites tumor, Experimental, female, Mice, mouse, Neoplasms, nonhuman, Phytogenic, Plant Extracts, priority journal, Receptors, Viscum album


Tumour bearing mice exhibit a specific "receptor" in the ascites fluid which binds with the active component isolated from Iscador. This "receptor" was found to be a protein which inhibited the cytotoxicity of Iscador and its isolated active component at low concentration. The receptor protein was also found in the sonicates of tumour cells which are susceptible to the action of Iscador but not in lymphocytes which were not susceptible to Iscador or its isolated active component. The receptor was separated on a Sephadex G-50 column. Activity was lost upon heat denaturation and dialysis. © 1989.


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R. Kuttan, Kuttan, G., and Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, “Presence of a receptor for the active component of iscador in ascites fluid of tumour bearing mice”, Cancer Letters, vol. 48, pp. 223-227, 1989.