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Journal Article


Indian J Surg Oncol, Volume 8, Issue 4, p.634-636 (2017)


<p>Primary mucinous adenocarcinoma is an extremely rare type of bladder cancer. These tumours may have varied presenting complains with isolated mucusuria in some patients. As it is difficult to differentiate primary from secondary tumours, it is often a diagnostic dilemma. We narrate three cases of primary mucinous adenocarcinoma bladder and try to bring out the clinical and pathological features unique to this tumour along with the diagnostic importance of immunohistochemistry.</p>

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P. Bijalwan, Bindhu, M. R., and Pooleri, G. Kumar, “Primary Mucin Secreting Adenocarcinoma Bladder: a Case Series.”, Indian J Surg Oncol, vol. 8, no. 4, pp. 634-636, 2017.