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Journal Article


International Journal of Business and Systems Research (IJBSR), Inderscience Publishers (IEL), Volume 9, Number 4, p.297–314 (2015)


case study, cost-time profile, CTP, lead time reduction, lean manufacturing, productivity improvement, Regression analysis, surgical equipment manufacturing, value stream mapping, VSM


The paper presents a case study conducted at a surgical equipment manufacturing company, where productivity improvement can be achieved by reducing the lead time required to manufacture their product. Using an important lean tool value stream mapping (VSM) the various wastes that are held up at each stage of manufacturing is identified, from which the most critical waste has been selected using a cost-time profile (CTP). Then a model is developed and solved using regression analysis. Based on the values obtained a cost-time profile is drawn again and compared, which reveals that there is nearly a 50% increase in the overall productivity.

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Dr. Saleeshya P.G. and Ajai Bhadran, “Productivity improvement through lean initiative in a surgical equipment manufacturing company: a case study”, International Journal of Business and Systems Research (IJBSR), vol. 9, pp. 297–314, 2015.