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Journal Article


Amrita Journal of Medicine, Volume 10, p.Page: 33-35 (2014)



Primary insomnia, Progressive Muscular Relaxation


Insomnia is a distressing condition of unsatisfactory quantity and/or quality of sleep with multiple physiological and psychological consequences. We report how progressive muscular relaxation was applied to improve the sleep quality in a 55 year old lady with 8 months history of insomnia and associated depressive symptoms. The speedy relief in this patient makes a case for trying cognitive behavioural measures first to treat insomnia.

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Gitanjali Natarajan and Sreehari R, “Progressive Muscular Relaxation as a Multi-Pronged psychotherapeutic technique for Insomnia”, Amrita Journal of Medicine, vol. 10, pp. Page: 33-35, 2014.