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Erythrocytes, lipid asymmetry, phosphatidyl serine, phospholipids


Phospholipids of erythrocyte are found as bilayer with choline containing phospholipid like phosphatidyl choline and sphingomylein in the outer layer and amine containing phospholipid like phosphatidyl ethanolamine and phosphatidyl serine in the inner layer. This arrangement is known as phospholipid asymmetry. Lipid asymmetry is maintained throughout the entire life span of red blood cell and is disturbed when cells enter into the stage of apoptosis. We here discuss some of the conditions in which phospholipid asymmetry of erythrocyte is maintained and disturbed and the various detection methods to check the distortion phospholipid asymmetry of it.

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A. Sathi, Viswanad, V., Dr. Aneesh T. P., and B Kumar, A., “Pros And Cons Of Phospholipid Asymmetry In Erythrocytes”, 2014.