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Indian Journal of Urology, Volume 26, Number 4, p.490-493 (2010)



adult, article, cancer patient, diagnostic value, disease severity, distress syndrome, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, human, human tissue, major clinical study, male, prevalence, prostate biopsy, prostate cancer, questionnaire, transrectal ultrasonography


Objectives : To determine the level and prevalence of anxiety and depression in men being investigated for prostate cancer (CaP) and also to identify those aspects of the diagnostic pathway that induces the most stress. Materials and Methods : All patients undergoing transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy (TRUS-B) of the prostate for suspected CaP at our institute between June 2008 and April 2009 were enrolled in this prospective study. All patients completed two questionnaires, prior to their biopsy (HADS1) and before receiving results (HADS2), containing the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). The data were analyzed and the differences in HADS were compared. Results : A total of 112 men were included in the trial. Two patients could not complete the second part of HADS (HADS2) and were excluded from the study. Prevalence of anxiety among the 110 patients was 43/110 (39.1%). Mean score for anxiety in these 43 patients before biopsy (HADS A1) was 10.74 and score just before receiving the biopsy report (HADS A2) was 11.55. Prevalence of depression before TRUSB (HADS D1) was 21/110 (19.1%) with a mean score of 10.59. Prevalence of depression while awaiting the biopsy report (HADS D2) was 22/110 (20%) with mean score of 10.62. Conclusion : There was a high prevalence of anxiety and depression in our study population and waiting for biopsy results was the most stressful event. Questionnaires such as HADS can identify patients with psychological distress. Minimizing the stress while waiting for a diagnosis should help optimize patient care.


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S. A. Jadhav, Sukumar, S., Kumar, G., and Bhat, S. H., “Prospective analysis of psychological distress in men being investigated for prostate cancer”, Indian Journal of Urology, vol. 26, pp. 490-493, 2010.