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Journal Article


International Ayurvedic Medical Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3 (2013)



atma, buddhi, dosas, manas, Memory, prakruti, smriti


The concept of Smriti has been vividly explained in the classical text but not much work has been done to understand it. The paper will discuss the characteristics of memory and relate it with concept of Smriti as explained in the classical texts. The power of the mind to retain and reproduce what is learnt is called memory. Memory revolves around the concept of mind and other perspectives which is the karya (cause) to bring about the karana(karana) that is attainment of a good memory. Body and mind constantly interact with eachother. Thus an approach to understand smriti has to be done in two angles – the psychological and physical aspects. The psychological aspects like Atma, mana, buddhi and moksha. The physical aspects like the concepts on dosha, sara, prakruti, onset of diseases and in the treatment point of view. The paper attempts to explain the psychological and physical aspects of Smriti.

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S. Surendran Nambiar, Lakshmiprasad, J., and Shivaprasad, C., “The psychological and physical dimensions to Smriti”, International Ayurvedic Medical Journal, vol. 1, no. 3, 2013.