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Journal Article


International Education and Research Journal, Volume 3, Issue 8 (2017)



Eudemonism, Psychological Well-Being, Self-actualization, Self-transcendence, Uddhava Gīta


The quintessence of psychological counsel elucidated by 24 Gurus in the treasure trove of Uddhava Gīta (UG) by Śri Dattātreya, an Avadhūta (an ascetic), enunciates the path to attain the state of Psychological Well-being, also designated as Eudemonic Well-being. The primary focus of the present study is to empirically assess whether the 24 Gurus demonstrate all the six components of Psychological Well-Being like Self-Acceptance, Autonomy etc. The investigation, based on Hindu
scriptures, Upaniṣads and Bhagavad Gīta, analyses how the teachings imparted by the 24 Gurus could help maintain psychological satisfaction and happiness in the
mundane world. Uddhava Gīta spins around all concerns pertaining to psychological despondencies and traumas, to provide a pragmatic facet to the psychological
constitution of a personified soul, leading to achievement of Self-actualization, culminating in Self-realization or Self-transcendence

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Dr. Anand S. and Mohan, L., “Psychological Well-Being lessons from 24 Gurus of Uddhava Gita”, International Education and Research Journal, vol. 3, no. 8, 2017.