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Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, Volume 10, Number 1, p.166-178 (2014)



Administration, alkaline phosphatase, Anabolic Agents, Anabolic effect, animal experiment, animal model, Animals, article, Biochemistry, biocompatibility, Biological Availability, Biosynthesis, Bone Density Conservation Agents, calcium, calcium cell level, calcium transport, Cells, chitosan, controlled study, cyclic AMP, Diseases, drug activity, drug bioavailability, Drug Carriers, Drug delivery, drug delivery system, Drug Evaluation, drug half life, encapsulation, female, Fourier transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy, gastrointestinal transit, Humans, in vitro study, Medical nanotechnology, Morphology, nanoencapsulation, nanoparticle, Nanoparticles, nonhuman, Oral, Oral bioavailabilities, osteoblast, Osteoblasts, osteocalcin, osteoporosis, parathyroid hormone, parathyroid hormone[1-34], Peptide drugs, Peptides, Phosphatases, Preclinical, PTH 1-34, rat, Rats, scanning electron microscopy, second messenger, Sprague-Dawley, Sulfhydryl Compounds, Thiolated chitosan


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D. Narayanan, Anitha, A., Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, and Chennazhi, K. P., “PTH 1-34 Loaded Thiolated Chitosan Nanoparticles for Osteoporosis: Oral Bioavailability and Anabolic Effect on Primary Osteoblast Cells”, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, vol. 10, pp. 166-178, 2014.