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Journal Article


Ann Thorac Surg, Volume 105, Issue 3, p.e117-e118 (2018)


<p>We report a neonate with transposition of great arteries and intact ventricular septum who had a massive pulmonary hemorrhage soon after an arterial switch operation. An emergency cardiac catheterization revealed a large bronchial collateral artery from the descending aorta feeding the right lung. The hemorrhage was controlled by coil embolization of the collateral, and the patient recovered after prolonged intensive care.</p>

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S. P. Leeladharan, Jayashankar, J. P., Kottayil, B. P., Kappanayil, M., Raman, K., and Balachandran, R., “Pulmonary Hemorrhage Due to Unrecognized Bronchial Collateral After Arterial Switch Operation.”, Ann Thorac Surg, vol. 105, no. 3, pp. e117-e118, 2018.