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Journal Article


International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, Darbose, Volume 3, India, p.141-150 (2011)



The convective MHD flow past a uniformly moving infinite vertical porous plate with Hall current, viscous dissipation, heat source and variable suction has been analyzed. The free stream velocity oscillates about a mean value. A pulsated suction is taken into account. Analytical solutions are obtained using perturbation method. The effects of Hall current over primary velocity, secondary velocity, and heat transfer amplitude and phase are analyzed. Effects of heat source parameter, Eckert number, and Prandtl number on the velocity components and temperature are also examined.

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A. Devi S. Parthasarathy, Dr. Shailendhra K., and T., H. P., “Pulsated convective MHD flow with Hall current, heat source and viscous dissipation along a vertical porous plate”, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol. 3, pp. 141-150, 2011.