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Journal Article


Electrochimica Acta, Volume 151, p.558 - 564 (2015)



Li-ion batteries


Abstract ZnMn2O4/C nanoparticles are synthesized by one step polyol assisted pyro-synthesis for use as the anode in rechargeable lithium ion batteries without any post heat treatment. The as-prepared ZnMn2O4/C is tetragonal with a spherical particle size in the range of 10–30 nm. Electrochemical measurements were performed using the as-prepared powders as the active material for a lithium-ion cell. The nanoparticle electrode delivered an initial charge capacity of 666.1 mAh g−1 and exhibited a capacity retention of ∼81% (539.4 mAh g−1) after 50 cycles. The capacity enhancement in the as-prepared ZnMn2O4/C may be explained on the basis of the polyol medium that enables to develop a sufficient carbon network that can act as electrical conduits during electrochemical reactions. The carbon network appears to enhance the particle-connectivity and hence improve the electronic conductivities.

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M. Hilmy Alfaruqi, Rai, A. Kumar, Mathew, V., Jo, J., and Kim, J., “Pyro-Synthesis of Nanostructured Spinel ZnMn 2 O 4/C as Negative Electrode for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries”, Electrochimica Acta, vol. 151, pp. 558 - 564, 2015.