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Journal Article


Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1139, p.012083 (2018)



B-spline, Collocationmethod, Nonlinear boundary value problems, Quasilinearization


A collocation method with B-splines as shape functions is introduced to solve acoupled system of nonlinear boundary value problems in four unknowns and four equations.The proposed method uses the quasilinearization technique to linearize the nonlinear problems.Based on the order of derivative of each unknown in the given system, the approximation ofeach unknown is expressed as linear combination of B-spline functions of different degree. Uponimposing the boundary conditions to these approximations the shape functions take a new form.With the revised approximation collocation method is implemented for the linearized system.To test the efficiency of the method a real time problem from literature is considered and solvedby the proposed method. Results obtained by the proposed method are in good agreement withthe actual one

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C. Dhivya and Murali Krishna Panthangi, “Quasi-linearized B-spline collocation method for coupled nonlinear boundary value problems”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 1139, p. 012083, 2018.