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Journal Article


Volume 9, p.333-338 (2016)



Sodium acetate (NaOAc) can selectively ionize 7-OH of naringenin generating a bathochromic shift of 41nm in its UV absorbance. This principle is used in the described spectrophotometric method that can detect naringenin amidst naringin and prunin present in the incubation mixture of naringinase. The method could be adopted for real sample analysis as it remains unaffected by the presence of phenolics such as ascorbic acid, gallic acid, citric acid and cinnamic acid.


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A. Madhavan, Pandurangan, N., Sindhu Shetty K., and Shanmugham, S., “A rapid and selective method for the quantification of naringenin in order to monitor naringinase activity”, vol. 9, pp. 333-338, 2016.