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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Pharmainfo Publications, Volume 9, Number 9, p.1559-1560 (2017)



Hamartomas are non-neoplastic malformations which can be observed in lungs, pancreas, spleen, liver and kidney. Here, we have reported a 43 year old female on treatment for hypothyroidism was presented with complaints of dyspnea. The patient had undergone thyroidectomy 10 years ago. Her chest X-ray showed a solitary pulmonary nodule. The nodule size remained in the size range of 3-4cm. The diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodule is only to undergo conservative surgery to remove the nodule. © 2017, Pharmainfo Publications. All rights reserved.


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Merin Babu and Jacob, L. M., “A rare case report on pulmonary hamartoma”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, vol. 9, pp. 1559-1560, 2017.