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Powder Technology, Elsevier B.V., Volume 320, p.108-113 (2017)



Acoustics, Applied magnetic fields, Approximate solution, behavior, boundary layer, Boundary layer analysis, Boundary layer theory, Boundary layers, Elastic waves, flow rate, fluidized bed, Fluidized beds, magnetic field, Magnetic fields, magnetism, Magnetohydrodynamics, Non-dimensional parameters, Perturbation techniques, Perturbation theory, Rayleigh streaming, theoretical model, viscosity, Volumetric flow rate


We developed and implemented a theory, involving the propagation of a wave in a magnetic field for boundary layer analysis of flow structures. Our investigation revealed that the position of nodes in a standing wave is a function of the applied magnetic field. Hence, an approximate solution to the acoustical wave problem near a rigid wall was derived using the perturbation theory. Our results revealed that the velocity of the steady flow outside the boundary layer was independent of viscosity but was dependents on magnetic field. The practical implication of the derived result has been presented by discussing one illustration: a case in which an external standing wave is imposed in the transverse direction with respect to the main flow. The flow may be described using the three non-dimensional parameters. Streamline behavior was plotted for the volumetric flow rate analysis of the problem. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.


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Dr. Neetu Srivastava, “Rayleigh type streaming effect on magnetohydrodynamic characteristics of fluidized bed particles”, Powder Technology, vol. 320, pp. 108-113, 2017.