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Volume US20070175621 A1, Number US 11/345,556 (2006)



A heat exchanging system uses a metallic TIM for efficient heat transfer between a heat source and a heat exchanger. The heat source is preferably an integrated circuit coupled to a circuit board. The metallic TIM preferably comprises indium. The metallic TIM is comprised of either a separate metallic TIM foil or as a deposited layer of metal material. The metallic TIM foil is mechanically joined to a first surface of the heat exchanger and to a first surface of the integrated circuit by applying sufficient pressure during clamping. Disassembly is accomplished by un-clamping the heat exchanger, the metallic TIM foil, and the integrated circuit from each other. Once disassembled, the heat exchanger and the metallic TIM foil are available to be used again. If the metallic TIM is deposited onto the heat exchanger, disassembly yields a heat exchanging sub-assembly that is also reusable.

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Dr. Madhav Datta, Zhou, P., Hom, J., Munch, M., and McMaster, M., “Re-workable metallic TIM for efficient heat exchange”, U.S. Patent US 11/345,5562006.