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Journal Article


International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics , Volume 118, Number 18, p.1319-1332 (2018)



audience, gender, mass media, media Effect, prime time Pressure, progamme preferences, TV Viewing habits, tv viewing patterns


Today, television has emerged as the major source of entertainment and learning in our country. All kinds of television programs, especially the serials, film clipping, news and news based programmes, sports and cartoons, affect people irrespective of gender, age and other demographic variables. The study was conducted to throw light towards various television viewing habits among the Malayali audience. . A Sample of 1000 respondents from four districts of Kerala were selected for analysis. Structured Questionnaires were distributed to them and the responses were collected. Chi- square test is used to analyze the collected data. The study also highlighted the TV program preferences among the viewers.

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C. Karthika, P. P. Vijayalakshmi, and Maya L. Pai, “The Reach of Television: Viewing Habits and Patterns in Kerala ”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics , vol. 118, pp. 1319-1332 , 2018.