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Proceedings - 4th International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, SENSORCOMM 2010, Venice, Mestre, p.632-636 (2010)





Cardio-vascular disease, Cellular network, Cellular neural networks, Data processing, Diseases, Electric network synthesis, Electrocardiography, Electrochromic devices, health, Health care, Health risks, Heart, Heart attack, Mobile phones, Monitoring, Real time monitoring, Rural areas, Sensor networks, Signal detection, Telecommunication equipment, Telephone, Telephone sets, Telephone systems, Wireless sensor, Wireless sensor networks


The main purpose of this research work is to develop a wireless sensor network system that can continuously monitor and detect cardiovascular disease experienced in patients at remote areas. A wearable wireless sensor system (WWSS) is designed to continuously capture and transmit the ECG signals to the patient's mobile phone. The fastest alert will be issued to doctors, relatives, and hospitals, using the proposed data processing algorithm implemented in the patients mobile phone. The complete data from WWSS will also be transmitted to a central station, which provides a service to the doctor to view his patient's record and provide his prescription remotely, on his request. A heterogeneous wireless network design is also proposed for the continuous transmission from WWSS to a Central Data Center (CDC). The proposed system is integrated with a dynamic data collection algorithm that collects the ECG signals at regular intervals, according to the health risk perceived in each patient. Employment of this system will contribute in reducing heart diseases, leading to death of a patient, and also act as an effective health care service to patients in rural area. This continuous monitoring system will provide effective, efficient, and fast health care service to patients at risk, even if the doctor, relatives are not near the patient and also during the non availability of the cellular network. © 2010 IEEE.


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K. J. Kappiarukudil and Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, “Real-Time Monitoring and Detection of ‘‘Heart Attack’’ Using Wireless Sensor Networks”, in Proceedings - 4th International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, SENSORCOMM 2010, Venice, Mestre, 2010, pp. 632-636.

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