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Conference Paper


Innovations in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, p.1-5 (2010)





Algorithms, Document images, Empty space, Graphical images, Image processing, Profiling methods, Projection profile, Separation, Simple heuristics, SIMPLE method, Software engineering


This paper presents an efficient and very simple method for separating text characters from graphical images in a given document image. This is based on a Recursive Projection Profiling (RPP) of the document image. The algorithm tries to use the projection profiling method [4] [6] to its maximum bent to bring out almost all that is possible with the method. The projection profile reveals the empty space along the horizontal and vertical axes, projecting the gaps between the characters/images. The algorithm turned out to be quite efficient, accurate and least complex in nature. Though some exceptional cases were encountered owing to the drawbacks of projection profiling, they were well handled with some simple heuristics thus resulting in a very efficient method for text-image separation. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2010.


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S. Krishnamoorthy, Loganathan, R., and Soman, K. P., “Recursive projection profiling for text-image separation”, in Innovations in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, 2010, pp. 1-5.