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Conference Proceedings


International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering, Volume 1, p.4 (2015)



Hybrid Black Toner, nano phase carbon (carbon black nano powder), Photocopier, Toner, waste toner, Xerography


Photocopiers make use of Toner (powder) to form the latent electrical image on the electrostatically charged drum. The paper has to slide over the drum during Xerography process and hence it picks up the toner. Vague issues cause the non-picking of toner particles (approximately 10%) and they are left over the drum. This non-picked toner is termed as Waste Toner (WT). As it adversely affects the quality of proceeding copies, this has to be removed from the drum. A cleaning blade made of synthetic material removes WT formed over the surface of the drum and it gets deposited in the cleaner sump. This WT cannot be further reused as the quality of the copier and copy will also be reduced. Non biodegradable metal-plastic materials are used in the synthesis of toner. So dumping WT in open or in landfills leads to environmental hazards. The WT is mixed in proportion with Nano phase Carbon and original toner to get Hybrid Black Toner which can be used in photo copiers as an alternative toner. This research work deals with characterising the WT with respect to Original toner and Carbon Black Nano Powder to get an optimised copier quality with the usage of WT. This practice reduces the risk of environmental hazards of the WT if it is dumped in the landfills.

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Vaira Vignesh R., Dr. Padmanaban R., and Thirumalini, S., “Reducing the environmental hazards by devising reduce recycle reuse system with hybrid black toner”, International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering, vol. 1. p. 4, 2015.