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Conference Paper


Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON), 2011 , IEEE, Hyderabad (2011)



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asynchronous generators, controlled induction generator, cosinusoidal modulated matrix converter, cosinusoidal modulation, directly coupling wind turbine, Electric power generation, frequency control, grid current harmonic injection, grid power injection, Harmonic analysis, Harmonic reduction, Induction generators, matrix converter, matrix converter control, matrix converter switching, Matrix converters, matrix convertors, Modulation, multiple matrix converter, Parallel Operation, power generation control, Power grids, Power harmonic filters, Power quality, squirrel cage induction generator, squirrel cage motors, Stators, switching convertors, Voltage control, wind applications, wind farms, wind power plants, Wind turbines


In this paper electric power generation from wind is achieved by directly coupling wind turbine to a squirrel cage induction generator without gear box. A matrix converter (MC) is used as an interface between the grid and the generator for direct to grid power injection. For the control of the induction generator voltage and frequency, a cosinusoidal modulation technique for switching of matrix converter devices has been applied. Present work relates to improvement of quality of the grid side current by having a composite structure of multiple matrix converter controlled induction generators in parallel. These aspects enhance the possibility of application of proposed matrix converter control in wind farms having multiple wind turbines.

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J. K. Chatterjee, Dr. Shankar S., and Meena, V. Kumar, “Reduction of grid current harmonic injection in cosinusoidal modulated matrix converter controlled induction generator for wind applications part-II”, in Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON), 2011 , Hyderabad, 2011.