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Conference Paper


International Conference on Power and Energy Systems (ICPS), 2011 , IEEE, Chennai (2011)

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asynchronous generators, Dual configuration, grid current harmonic injection, Harmonic analysis, harmonic current, Harmonic reduction, Induction generators, matrix converter, matrix converter controlled induction generator, Matrix converters, Parallel Operation, Power harmonic filters, Power system harmonics, Quad configuration, Switches, Vectors, wind applications, wind energy conversion systems, Wind power


A technique has been presented for reducing the injection of harmonic current into the grid for matrix converter controlled induction generator, for application in wind energy conversion systems. A composite arrangement has been proposed where, multiple matrix converter controlled induction generators are kept in parallel and connected to the grid with appropriate phase shifting transformers that help in reducing the grid current harmonics. This technique of harmonic reduction with minimal use of the filter component will have an enormous impact in cases like wind farms having multiple generating units.

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Dr. Shankar S., Chatterjee, J. K., Rajasekhar, V., and Kondalarao, A., “Reduction of grid current harmonic injection in matrix converter controlled induction generator for wind applications”, in International Conference on Power and Energy Systems (ICPS), 2011 , Chennai, 2011.