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Journal Article


Psychological Studies, Volume 56, Number 4, p.378 (2011)



Rejection sensitivity (RS) is the disposition to defensively expect, perceive and over-react to perceived rejection by others. RS has been theorized to originate from early attachment. However, this hypothesized link remains untested. This study aims to examine the relationship between attachment security and rejection sensitivity in early adolescence. Eight-graders (Nþinspace}=þinspace}406) completed self-report measures of attachment security and rejection sensitivity. Attachment security to father and mother were found to be associated. Attachment dimensions-trust and alienation from mother were significant predictors of RS in the adolescents. Alienation from mother mediated the link between alienation from father and RS in the adolescents. The two forms of RS- anxious RS and angry RS were predicted by different dimensions of attachment to mother.

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Gitanjali Natarajan, P., S. C., and R., S. K., “Relationship between Attachment Security and Rejection Sensitivity in Early Adolescence”, Psychological Studies, vol. 56, p. 378, 2011.