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Conference Paper


International Electron Devices Meeting. Technical Digest (Cat. No.01CH37224) (2001)


Annealing, Boron, boron penetration, Carrier mobility, Dielectric thin films, gate leakage current, Hafnium compounds, Hafnium oxide, High-K gate dielectrics, leakage current, Leakage currents, MOSFET, MOSFET circuits, NBTI degradation, negative bias temperature instability, NH/sub 3/, NH/sub 3/ surface nitridation, Niobium compounds, nitridation, polysilicon gate HfO/sub 2/ MOSFET, reliability characteristics, semiconductor device breakdown, semiconductor device reliability, Si-HfO/sub 2/, Silicon, time dependent dielectric breakdown, Tin, Titanium compounds


The performance of polysilicon gate HfO/sub 2/ MOSFET's is discussed in terms of gate leakage current and the effects of NH/sub 3/ surface nitridation on boron penetration and carrier mobility. Negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) on HfO/sub 2/ PMOSFET's was evaluated for the first time. Although surface nitridation enhanced NBTI degradation, HfO/sub 2/ PMOSFET's without nitridation show sufficient NBTI immunity.

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K. Onishi, Kang, C. Seok, Choi, R., Cho, H. - J., Dr. Sundararaman Gopalan, Nieh, R., Dharmarajan, E., and Lee, J. C., “Reliability characteristics, including NBTI, of polysilicon gate HfO/sub 2/ MOSFET's”, in International Electron Devices Meeting. Technical Digest (Cat. No.01CH37224), 2001.