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ICCSE 2011 - 6th International Conference on Computer Science and Education, Final Program and Proceedings, Singapore, p.1080-1084 (2011)





Authorized users, Computer science, Controllers, Current thresholds, Distributed computer systems, Early warning, Education computing, Electric network synthesis, Environment monitoring, Environmental change, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental parameter, Indoor environment, Mobile robots, Monitoring capabilities, Navigation, Remote monitoring, robot navigation, Robot programming, Robotic platforms, Sensing nodes, Sensor nodes, Sensor readings, Sensors, Spatially distributed sensors, System use, Telecommunication equipment, Threshold levels, Traffic congestion, Wireless networks, Wireless sensor, Wireless sensor node


Remote environmental monitoring is one of the important applications of wireless sensor networking technology where spatially distributed sensor nodes are used to monitor environmental parameters and collaboratively transmit their data through the network. This paper discusses the design of a multi robotic platform within a hybrid wireless sensor network to monitor the environmental changes. The system includes a set of static wireless sensor nodes, a set of mobile robots and a central controller. Mobile robots help to reduce traffic congestions and facilitate close monitoring capabilities. For the effective navigation of the robot, the system uses a known map of the environment, sensor readings and the guidance from the wireless sensor network. The combination of more than one technique for navigation significantly reduces the errors in path planning of the mobile robots. The sensing nodes in the network will forward the accumulated data to the central controller for analysis. The central controller will classify the data based on different threshold levels and records the data. If the system detects an event which exceeds current threshold level, then it will provide an early warning to the authorized users of the system. © 2011 IEEE.


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J. Freeman and Simi, S., “Remote monitoring of indoor environment using mobile robot based wireless sensor network”, in ICCSE 2011 - 6th International Conference on Computer Science and Education, Final Program and Proceedings, Singapore, 2011, pp. 1080-1084.